F3 Orlando




Two Shweatty Pax At Founder's Square


Q- El Beetle & Greyhound

PAX – El Beetle & Greyhound



25 SSH

25 Imperial Walkers

Neck rotations

Arm Rotations

The Thang:

Run 1 lap around the lake

Run around the lake another lap, this time stoping at each corner doing burpess in 5x increments.

1st  stop: 5x burpees

2nd stop: 10x burpees

3rd stop: 15x burpees

4th stop: 20x burpees

Return to Founder's Square and do lunges changing into bear crawls at each corner.

LAP # 1

1st stop: LBC’s x 40

2nd stop: Scissor Kicks x 40

3rd stop: BB sit-ups x 40

4th stop: Mary mixed with Leg Raises x 40

LAP # 2

Lateral runs around the square stopping at each corner

1st stop: Air Squats x10

2nd stop: Calf Raises x 10

3rd stop: Step Ups x 10

4th stop: Mountain Climbers  x 10



Happy 4th!!




PAX- Sirtificate, Quad, WOPR, Sidewalk, El Beetle, Swift, Fire& Ice, Schwinn, Radar(FNG)



25 SSH

20 Imperial Walkers

20 Plank Jacks

20 Shoulder Taps

The Thang:

Run ½ mile to Avalon Community Center. Along the way stop at each intersection and perform the following exercises: 5 Burpees, 10 Merkins, Squats, Abe Begotas, Monkey Humpers, Moroccan nights clubs, Prisoner Squats, Hillbillies, Air presses.

Once at Avalon Community Center Pax performed Jack Webbs at a 1:4 ratio. We went up to 10 Merkins and 40 airpresses. Once completed Pax completed 10 Squerkins. Upon completion we moseyed back to the square again performing exercises (listed above) at each intersection.

Back at square we performed a ring of fire, which involved 10 Merkins. Fire and Ice had a great suggestion that as the person before you got to 5 merkins you begin your 10. We executed 2 circles before it was time for some Mary.

The Pax completed a sustained pounding of protractors with rosalitas and hello dollies built in







The Roost   1/16/2018

QIC: Flower Child

PAX: Survivor, Flower Child, Row Boat

This morning we decided to take a peaceful ruck……I mean walk around the Lake at Cranes Roost. Along the way we were met with some challenges in the form of pain stations.

The Thang:

  • Quick Disclaimer
  • Mosey to Pain Station 1 x50 Squats
  • Pain Station 2 x50 Calve Raises
  • Pain Station 3 x50Imperial Walkers
  • Pain Station 4 x20 Ruck Curls.
  • Pain Station 5 x10 Dips.
  • Pain Station 6 x10 Derkins.
  • Pain Station 7 x20 Merkins.
  • Pain Station 8 x20 Buzz Saws.
  • Pain Station 9 x20 step ups (each leg)
  • Repeat.
  • Mosey to the starting point.
  • Counterama (2 Pax) and Namerama.
  • CoT followed by BoM.


Great work today. Until Next Time!!!! 



Date: 1/9/18

QIC: Inspector Gadget

PAX: Flower Child, Survivor, Inspector Gadget 

The Roost, oh the Roost! The allure of this AO was not only the 1 mile lap around a watering hole, or the proximity for those coming off of I4 so early in the morning, but the two parking garages nestled around the AMC movie theatre. Reminiscing on the early days where every workout was surely a parking garage smoke session, it was clear that they lovely inclines/declines of the ramps and the stepwork of the stairs could yet prove essential for this Ruck workout. YHC brought out some coupons for the PAX who decided to #CTHT this fine morning and join me in the gloom.


The Thang:

Ruck with coupon (25# Kettlebell per person) up stairwell, down ramps, over, and over again until 1 mile reached.

Quick Pain station at top of parking garage: 10 Squats, 10 Upright Rows, 10 Tricep Extension, 10 curls

Ruck with coupon up/down garage with twist: PAX took turns every .25 mile doing farmers carry (1 PAX carried 50#, 1 carried 25#, 1 recovered)

Quick pain station at top of parking garage: 10 Squats, 10 Upright Rows, 10 Tricep Extension, 10 curls

Ruck with coupon up/down garage as PAX took turns every .25 mile doing farmers carry (1 PAX carried 50#, 1 carried 25#, 1 recovered)

Ruck to Shovel Flag

Amazing what incline/decline work does to a body let alone adding additional weight. Great work gents!

Counterama/namerama/Announcements/Prayer Request

***For all those signed up for the upcoming GoRuck Light, get after it. Not just walking. ~4 weeks to go!




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Date: 1/1/18 @ The Square

Q: Survivor

PAX: Sidewalk, Survivor



LBAC Forward x20 IC

LBAC Backward x20 IC

Hillbillies x20 IC

Dips x50 OYO

Copperhead Squats x20 IC


Dora 1-2-3

Merkins x100

Squats x200

LBCs x300

25 SSHs then lap around the Square x4

Calf Raises x40

Curb step ups 1 min


Hello Dolly x20 IC

Forearm Plank 1 min

Box Cutters x20 IC

Lunges x20 IC





Happy New Year!



Date: 12/23/17 @ The Chain Locker

Q: Sirtificate & Survivor

PAX: Greenthumb, Mindbender (KD from St Simon’s Island), Quad, Rowboat, Snow Angel, Sirtificate, Survivor

Warm-Up (Sirtificate)

Started off with a Disclaimer and then we moseyed to the basketball court

SSH x25 IC

Protractors (90/6 degrees) with Rosalitas and Hello Dollies


Squerkins x10

Hillbillies x15 IC

Ring of Fire Merkins x10 (PAX planked as it rotated)

The THANG (Survivor)

1 - 12 pack of LBCs

2 - 8 count Box Cutters

3 - Prisoner Squats IC

4 - Ring of Fire Superman (each Pax count to 4)

5 - 4 count Merkins IC

6 - Monkey Humpers IC

7 - Flutter Kicks IC

8 - Al Gore (hold until Q says)

9 - Imperial Walkers IC

10 - Hillbillies IC

11 - Burpees OYO

12 - Bobby Hurleys

Mary (Sirtificate)

Mosey to the Shovelflag

Freddy Mercurys x15 IC

American Hammers x15 OYO

WW2 Sit-ups x15 OYO

Waterfall with arms out to sides as group planked when they fell out.

Circle of Trust



Prayer Requests

Ball of Man

Merry Christmas!

Sirtificate & Survivor

Go Gadget Go!

Date: 12/30/2017

QIC: Inspector Gadget

PAX: Survivor, Tatanka, RowBoat, Stalker, Sidewalk, Sunshine, Inspector Gadget

Several weeks have gone by without this guy posting and it’s been desperately needed. What better way to get back into it, but to jump in and take on the Q. No running, I promise you that (or as minimal as possible) when YHC is on Q. And why is that you wonder? Because running sucks. Must I remind the PaX every time throwing up recommendations on mumblechatter? C’mon man! So, last Sat of 2017 and the thought came to mind that this has been a very difficult year for a lot of people. Hurricanes, floods, sudden loss of loved ones and friends alike, ailments, and the lost just goes on and on. I’m reminded everyday that it is through these difficulties our character and faith is tested. The conclusion is always the same. Yes, life is tough but it’s only temporary. We make it through one minute at a time, one day at a time; as long as we keep perspective. Blessings come in many forms, it’s all in how you look at it and I am certainly grateful to this motley crew of gents who help with refocusing one workout at a time, one aye at a time.

Disclaimer x2 (Tatanka was there so had to repeat myself)

The Thang:

4 Pain Stations targeting sections of the body oYo against time.

Stations 1-3: 45 Seconds full tilt, 15 Second Rest x3

1: Upper-body
    ⁃    Merkin Ladder
    ⁃    Dips
    ⁃    Shoulder Taps
    ⁃    Plank

2: Lower-body
    ⁃    Wall Sit
    ⁃    Bobby Hurley’s
    ⁃    Step ups
    ⁃    Box Sits

3: Core
    ⁃    Battle Ropes
    ⁃    Ball Slam
    ⁃    Sandbag Cleans
    ⁃    Mountain Climbers

Station 4: 30 Seconds full tilt, 15 Second rest x4

    ⁃    Big boy Sit-up
    ⁃    LBCs
    ⁃    Reverse Crunch
    ⁃    Freddie Mercury’s

With 3 minutes to spare, partner inchworm handshakes to 10 were completed.

Great job all, but TClaps for those who TCO under Ruck. TClaps to Tatanka for posting after being convinced no running was involved #modifiedfortheinjured #stilltough #HIM.

Thank you all for a great 2017!

SYITG next year!


Out ==> Gadget ==> Coffeeteria


12/27  5:15 am at the Square.

Tatanka, Survivor, Sidewalk, Swift.  

It was a cool, misty morning.  Just right for a workout.  I didn't really notice the temperature at all.  

THE COP.   Seal Jacks (tough w a Ruck on)  IC  x10

Merkins  IC   x10

Squats  IC  x20

Lunges IC  x 10

Plank Jacks  IC  x20


There are 6 lighted Christmas Trees around the Square.  At 5 trees, cause there were 5 of us, we had a pain station.  Merkins, Dips, Merkins, Squats, and Lunges. 

Each Pax takes a station.  Exercise till the Q calls halt, Craw to the next station.  Start when the Q calls Exercise.  To get to the next station, Bear Crawl, Crab Walk, Duck Walk, SpiderMan.  Rotate those 4 every walk.  

After going to all 5 stations twice, we did 5 burpees.  

We took a lap around the lake.  

We did Mary, Like Bruce Lee.  We upped it to 25.  We have done this with 20 reps in the past.  So now we are upping to 25. 

LBC's x25

Hammers x25

Freddie Merc's  x25

Big Boy Situps  x25

We did 2 full rounds, then a round with 10 each.  

Tataka was doing the workout with Ruck.  I will toss some respect his way. 

Sirtificate showed up for announcements, then Sirtificate, Quad and Sidewalk set out on a Post workout ruck for 6 miles.  Ouch, I am hurtin'. 

You guys did 8 and 12 miles?  Double OUCH.  

I'm out.



Date: 12/19/17 @ The Roost

Q: Survivor

PAX: Tatanka, Inspector Gadget, Flowerchild, Rowboat, Survivor


LBAC x25 forward & back

Sumo Squats x25 OYO


Mosey to parking garage

Ruck up a level

Lunges x25 each leg

Move ruck to front and ruck up a level

Imperial Walkers x25 IC

Ruck on back and up a level

Imperial Walkers x25 IC

Down stairs, ruck to 2nd garage and up a level

Squats x25

Ruck on front and up a level

Squats x25

Ruck on back and up a level

Hillbillies x25 IC

Ruck on front and up a level

Hillbillies x25 IC

Ruck on back and down stairs

Ruck 1 mile around lake

4 Minutes of Mary

Box Cutters x10 IC

LBCs x25 OYO

Flutter Kicks x25 IC

Circle of Trust, Counterama, Name-O-Rama, Prayer Requests, Ball of Man

Survivor out.


Dec 13, 2017 at The Square:

PAX: Quad, Row Boat, WOPR, Sirtificate

Many new exercises introduced at the square today. Everyone showed up chilly but warmed up quickly after our stroll down route 66. Crowd favorite was the Squerkin.

25 SSH

25 freddy mercurys

25 Hillbillys

20 lunges ( 10 each leg)

5 SSH 2 Burps (repeat)

The Thang:

Route 66

Each stop light we will do 1 burpee at the first 2 at second etc…

PAX will go out 11 street lights. On way back we will do squats


Two man teams. First man in merkin position with second man behind holding first mans legs at his waist. First man does one merkin with his legs elevated. Second man performs one squat using the body weight of the first mans legs. Begin again for # of reps called by Q.

20 Scorpion Dry docks

Dry docks with one leg

Nipple scraper Merkin

(Also called a Half Moon push up.) With hands on a curb & butts high, drop knees down and to one side. Lower one nipple until it touches the curb, twist your body in the low plank position until the other nipple comes to the curb, and then press up. That is one rep. Reverse the motion.

Mary (X’s, O,s, Protractor, Yoga reps)

Prayer requests

Announce BOM