F3 Orlando




Houston, is there a problem?

Date: 10/12/17 @ The Lone Sailor

QIC: Survivor

PAX: Rowboat, Survivor

Rowboat was on time (at least 5 minutes early) when YHC arrived at the AO at ~5:25a. However neither of us has a shovel flag (doh!). We wait on Fire & Ice, who’s about to relo from F3Houston, who Rowboat believes will show up…and wait…and got started without the fart-sacker as it was time.

After a quick discussion, YHC is Q for his 2nd time (good thing I planned ahead - aka crammed the night before).


Warm Up

-       LBAC forwards x 15 IC

-       LBAC backwards x 16 IC (oops, YHC was distracted looking for F&I)

-       SSH x 30 IC

-       Squats x 30 OYO


Mosey to pavilion by The Lone Sailor

COP (2 PAX really can't make a circle)

Dora 1-2-3 (partner up…partner 1 starts exercise while partner 2 runs lap around pavilion and playground then swap)

-       100 merkins

-       200 LBCs

-       300 squats

Move to The Lone Sailor for 11s

-       Bobby Hurleys at bottom of ramp & Imperial Walkers with Lone Sailor

Slowsey to starting point for remaining time (~10 minutes) with Mary

-       Reverse Crunches x 30 OYO

-       Weezy Jeffersons at Q command

-       4-count Boxcutters x 10 IC

-       American Hammers x 40 OYO

-       Hillbillies x 40 OYO

-       Air Presses x 40 OYO

COT (once again, 2 make a line)

Counterama (2PAX)



Prayers (Rowboat)

-       Tatanka’s upcoming knee surgery

-       Gadget’s hammy

-       People still recovering from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria

-       People in California dealing with fires

Post Workout: It was good to find out that Fire & Ice wasn’t fart-sacking, he just had to take the M to the airport. #priorities

YHC Out.