F3 Orlando





The Square / Wed 18 Oct
QIC:  Swift  
Pax: Quad,Sirtificate, Greyhound, Luigi, Splinter (Visiting from Toledo, Ohio F3), FNG-Function, FNG-Echo, W.O.P.R.

Two newcomers and a visitor were off to a great start this morning as they joined 6 regulars for a long fun run around the square.


Warm Up:
*  Lap around square
* Air Chair (combined with air claps in cadence)
* Chinook Squats - over head arm circles and squat in cadence
* Mosey to the Stage
* Black Snake (3 laps)
* Modified B.O.M.B.S- Group Cumulative 300 Squats, 300 lunges while partner runs around Stage
* 3 Griffs- Sprint forward, sprint halfway backwards
* Diamond Merkins AMRAP
* Count-o-rama
* Name-o-rama

Big welcome our FNGs 'Function' & 'Echo' and to our visitor from Toledo, Ohio 'Splinter'.