F3 Orlando




Wed Nov 15 at the Square  5:15 am.  

Q:  Quad

Pax:  Quad, Sirtificate, Wopper, Swift, Luigi, Potter, Bo Jangles, Rowboat, and FNG Wilson.  

It was a cool dark morning as 9 pax gathered in the streetlight lit Square, where someone had placed a huge 20 foot Christmas tree there.  

We started with a slowsey around the lake to warm up.  Next came some OYO:

10 Merkins

15 Dips

20 Lunges total

Next we bear crawled the length of the block,  1 parking space, 1 burpee, 2 parking spaces, 2 burpees, ...till 6 and 6 ended right at the corner.  

Instead of crawling back, we lunge walked, stopping every 4 parking spaces to do 5 merkins.  This also ended right at the corner.  

Back to the Square for some 11's:  Merkins 10, LBC's 1, Merkins 9, LBC's 2....till done.

Last, Bruce Lee Ab work:  20 each, LBC, Freddie Mercury, Flutter kick, American Hammer.  Three rounds.  

Bam, Countarama, Namearama, New FNG name, Announcements, Ball of Man

Off to work everybody!