F3 Orlando





Date: 11/16/17 @ The Lone Sailor

QIC: Survivor

PAX: Rowboat, Survivor

It was chilly (for FL) at The Lone Sailor when I parked next to Rowboat at 5:25. After a little chitchat we quickly decided who would have the honor to Q this fine morning.

Started moseying to the fountain and Rowboat mumbled a quick disclaimer for himself.

Warm Up:

-       LBAC (F & B) followed by  SSHs


Mosey toward the bridge but stopped halfway there to start our leg and ab - “lab” - workout at the Y split on the path for the first of our 11s…Squats & LBCs.

Next mosey to the bridge for another set of 11s…Bobby Hurleys & Hillbillies.

Next, mosey on to the Lone Sailor for, you guessed it, 11s…American Hammer & Imperial Walkers.

Mosey back to our starting point for some quality Mary time (10 minutes)

-       Box cutters

Note: Tatanka showed up. 🚴🏻

-       Air Presses

-       Flutter kicks

-       Heel touches

-       Howling Monkeys

And the Rowboat did a burpee for fun.

COT, Counterama, Name-O-Rama, BOM & Prayers

Survivor Out.