F3 Orlando





12/27  5:15 am at the Square.

Tatanka, Survivor, Sidewalk, Swift.  

It was a cool, misty morning.  Just right for a workout.  I didn't really notice the temperature at all.  

THE COP.   Seal Jacks (tough w a Ruck on)  IC  x10

Merkins  IC   x10

Squats  IC  x20

Lunges IC  x 10

Plank Jacks  IC  x20


There are 6 lighted Christmas Trees around the Square.  At 5 trees, cause there were 5 of us, we had a pain station.  Merkins, Dips, Merkins, Squats, and Lunges. 

Each Pax takes a station.  Exercise till the Q calls halt, Craw to the next station.  Start when the Q calls Exercise.  To get to the next station, Bear Crawl, Crab Walk, Duck Walk, SpiderMan.  Rotate those 4 every walk.  

After going to all 5 stations twice, we did 5 burpees.  

We took a lap around the lake.  

We did Mary, Like Bruce Lee.  We upped it to 25.  We have done this with 20 reps in the past.  So now we are upping to 25. 

LBC's x25

Hammers x25

Freddie Merc's  x25

Big Boy Situps  x25

We did 2 full rounds, then a round with 10 each.  

Tataka was doing the workout with Ruck.  I will toss some respect his way. 

Sirtificate showed up for announcements, then Sirtificate, Quad and Sidewalk set out on a Post workout ruck for 6 miles.  Ouch, I am hurtin'. 

You guys did 8 and 12 miles?  Double OUCH.  

I'm out.