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Go Gadget Go!

Date: 12/30/2017

QIC: Inspector Gadget

PAX: Survivor, Tatanka, RowBoat, Stalker, Sidewalk, Sunshine, Inspector Gadget

Several weeks have gone by without this guy posting and it’s been desperately needed. What better way to get back into it, but to jump in and take on the Q. No running, I promise you that (or as minimal as possible) when YHC is on Q. And why is that you wonder? Because running sucks. Must I remind the PaX every time throwing up recommendations on mumblechatter? C’mon man! So, last Sat of 2017 and the thought came to mind that this has been a very difficult year for a lot of people. Hurricanes, floods, sudden loss of loved ones and friends alike, ailments, and the lost just goes on and on. I’m reminded everyday that it is through these difficulties our character and faith is tested. The conclusion is always the same. Yes, life is tough but it’s only temporary. We make it through one minute at a time, one day at a time; as long as we keep perspective. Blessings come in many forms, it’s all in how you look at it and I am certainly grateful to this motley crew of gents who help with refocusing one workout at a time, one aye at a time.

Disclaimer x2 (Tatanka was there so had to repeat myself)

The Thang:

4 Pain Stations targeting sections of the body oYo against time.

Stations 1-3: 45 Seconds full tilt, 15 Second Rest x3

1: Upper-body
    ⁃    Merkin Ladder
    ⁃    Dips
    ⁃    Shoulder Taps
    ⁃    Plank

2: Lower-body
    ⁃    Wall Sit
    ⁃    Bobby Hurley’s
    ⁃    Step ups
    ⁃    Box Sits

3: Core
    ⁃    Battle Ropes
    ⁃    Ball Slam
    ⁃    Sandbag Cleans
    ⁃    Mountain Climbers

Station 4: 30 Seconds full tilt, 15 Second rest x4

    ⁃    Big boy Sit-up
    ⁃    LBCs
    ⁃    Reverse Crunch
    ⁃    Freddie Mercury’s

With 3 minutes to spare, partner inchworm handshakes to 10 were completed.

Great job all, but TClaps for those who TCO under Ruck. TClaps to Tatanka for posting after being convinced no running was involved #modifiedfortheinjured #stilltough #HIM.

Thank you all for a great 2017!

SYITG next year!


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