F3 Orlando

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The Square. Monday. 12/4/2017

PAX: W.O.P.R (Q), Quad, Swift, Greyhound

Warmup: 25x SSH, 20x Dip, 15x Bobby Hurleys, 10x Merkins, Mosey around Lake

The Thang:


  • Bear crawl to other side then 1 burpee
  • Sprint to the other side then 10 squats
  • Bear crawl to other side then 2 burpees
  • Sprint to the other side then 9 squats and so on....
  • Repeat until 10x burpees then 1 squat

Hold the circle (thats how I called it)

everyone in a circle holds  plank position while one PAX does 10x merkins, then the next PAX does 10x merkins, and so on. Follow through with squats until we did 2 sets of each.

We got creative and each PAX did merkins 1 at a time. Like doing a wave.

Bruce Lee:

20x LBC

20x Freddie Mercury

20x Flutter Kicks

20x American Hammers

Cool Down:

Some breathing/relaxation exercises conducted by Swift