F3 Orlando





Crane's Roost,  8/8/2017

QIC: Flower Child

PAX: Tatanka, Fire and Ice, Flower Child.

Another hot morning, another good workout 3 PAX strong. We took our fight to the parking garage and conquered it.

The Thang:

  • Quick Disclaimer
  • COP: Light Stretching, 20 Imperial Walkers.
  • Mosey to the Parking Garage.
  • At the stairs we did 1x Bomb Jax at the bottom and 10 squats at the top. We stopped on each floor with 10x Merkins decreasing the count as we repeated the exercise.
  • Mosey to the Parking Lot.
  • Suicides. Started with 1 Bobby Hurley skipped a parking spot and did 1x Merkin. Mosey back to the starting point and repeated the exercise.

§  Mary’s- 20x Flutter Kicks, the Protractor, 100x LBC OYO, 20x American Hammers, 10x 8 Count Merkins.

  • Counterama (3 Pax) and Namerama.
  • CoT followed by BoM.


Great work.

Until next time!