F3 Orlando





August 23, 2017, The Square

QIC: Sirtificate

Pax: Quad, Survivor, Schwinn, Sirtificate, Swift, Luigi


30x SSH

10 Merkins

25 Squats

Mosey to stage field. Crawl Indian runs across field.

Single file bear crawl and every time back person took over lead, all pax did 2 merkins.

On way back to stage field we did a fire drill. High knees until Q yells fire. When fire is called Pax drops and rolls right (merkin) then rolls left(merkin) gets back up for high knees.

Dora 1-2-3: Pax partnered up and collectively did 100 merkins, 200 LBC’s 300 squats as partner runs one lap.

Pax stayed paired up. One partner ran right and onether left.

When they met on the lap they dropped for 5 burpees.

We did one more lap with a twist. Whichever partner gets back to the stage first after the 5 burpees was exempt from doing 5 additonal burpees.

Pax moseyed back to the square and did some Rosalitas and hello Dollys.

CoT and BoM (Announcements followed Prayers)