F3 Orlando





Saturday 8/26/2017 Chain-locker

QIC: Inspector Gadget

PAX: Sirtificate, Flower Child, Greyhound, Quad, XDresser, Chief, Boogidee, Walker, Survivor, Stalker, PTA, Inspector Gadget

PAX rolled into the gloom this morning looking a bit a daze. Who's on Q? YHC pointed out that it's been a while and I was ready to deliver the hurt today. Normally, YHC brings out some tunes for the PAX but had decided not to. Sirtificiate hollered that it's not a Gadget Q without music. So, music wasn't go and an Old School playlist on queue.

Prior to beginning, Q had PAX partner up as usual ahead of the Thang.


Mosey to Lone Sailor Monument

SSH - 15 - IC
Imperial Walker - 15 - IC
Little BAC forward - 10 - IC
Little BAC reverse - 10 - IC

The Thang:

While at the Lone Sailor monument, YHC reminds PAX of his disdain for running. PAX then circled up and were informed that the day would consist of HIIT.

Lazy Dora's - Partner up. Partners perform 100 Merkins, 200 LBCs, & 300 Squats as a team. Here’s the catch…no running. P1 starts with 10 Merkins while P2 planks, then switch. Continue switching between Merkins and plank until 100 total Merkins reached. Next, while P1 does 20 LBCs, P2 performs a 6" leg hold until P1 is finished, then switch. Continue switching until all 200 LBCs are completed. Finally, P1 does 30 squats while P2 does squat hold, then switch. Continue switching until 300 total squats are completed.

Yup...that hurt! YHC then had PAX circle up at same location and called out Howling Monkeys! Sheer grumbling of confusion. So Q explained and demonstrated. Immediately PAX knew this would suck coming right off the squat/squat hold.

Howling Monkeys: In a circle, everyone grabs their ankles in Monkey Humper fashion. The first person does ten monkey humpers followed by the next person and so on as in other "ring of fire" exercises. Don't let go of the ankles! Originally, this was set for 2 rounds, but the howling came early!

Somewhere in between Lazy Dora's and Howling Monkeys, several HIM were commenting on how quiet and peaceful it was without the mumblechatter coming from one certain MIA PAX. No time for that though.

Mosey to bridge.

Forties (Lindsay's): Lindsays are a high-rep variation of Elevens. Start with 35 reps of one exercise and 5 reps of another exercise OYO, then subtract 5 reps from the first exercise and add five reps from the second. Repeat OYO until you have 5 reps of the first exercise and 35 reps of the second. The sum must always add up to 40. In continuing the HIIT focus, exercises where SSH and Heel Touches. PAX pushed it hard and realized that this was truly a cardio burn.

Mosey back to Lone Sailor monument area. Found a circle path with four clear points and called:

4 Corners: Deconstructed Burpees! Beginning with 10 reps at each corner and descending down to 5. 6 rounds of pure smoke. Corner 1: 10 Squats, mosey to Corner 2: 10 Leg Thrusts, mosey to Corner 3: 10 merkins, mosey to Corner 4: 10 leg thrusts. Rinse and repeat until final round count completed is 5.

YHC looked at his watch and saw 15 minutes left. Perfect!

While at Lone Sailor monument, grab wall space.

Inch Worm: standard variation of well known exercise. All PAX line up and bend down until they reach the ground (keep legs as straight as possible) once on ground, walk hands out until can’t extend any further, then inch feet forward until you are in the starting position. Continue for 10 yards, turn around and repeat until back at start. Rinse and repeat.

Mary Blast: 4 exercises OyO: 
    ⁃    BB Sit-up
    ⁃    Mountain Climbers
    ⁃    American Hammers
    ⁃    Crab Cakes
3 rounds with counts at 15/10/5 respectively

AYG to Shovel Flag

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