F3 Orlando






8/02/17 at The Square

QIC:  Quad

Pax: Quad, Sirtificate, Schwinn

It has been a month since Schwinn was in.  He was away for work and vacation.  It has been a few weeks for Sirtificate as well.  He was Scouting.  So, it was really good to see these guys.  Welcome back!


A Capri lap around the Square.

The Daft Punk, just 2 x around. 

The Dancing Bear, IC, x10.

A mini escalator:

1 Merkin, Dip, Squat, WWI2 Merkins, Dips, Squats, WWIand so on up to 5 of each. 


1 Charles Bronson (modified).  Instead of 90 yard sprint and 10 yard crawl, a lap around the square.

50 SSH

50 Merkins

50 Burpees

50 LBC’s

50 squat jumps. 

Water Break. 

Next, four corners.  Pick up where we left off on the escalater and start with 5 of each.  Keep going around until we are out of time.

Merkins, Squats, LBC’s, Dips. 

We started at 5 reps each, and ended at 12 reps each.  (I think we should have started at 8 reps each.  5 was too easy) 


We out….