F3 Orlando





Date: 8/29/2017. The Roost

QIC: Inspector Gadget

PAX: Tatanka, Flower Child, Survivor, Flo, Stalker, Inspector Gadget

YHC stepped in for an ailing Nantan. With a visiting nomad from F3Alpha, there was no room for slacking. A COP smoke session using body weight was the trick to bring the pain and assist those unable to mosey. Time came, grabbed the music box, pushed play.


Short mosey to small parking garage


Inchworm - 5 - OYO
Upward Dog / Downward Dog - Alternate on Q command

The Thang:

After a quick warmup and stretch, YHC explained the COP. 10 exercises with 1 minute AMRAP followed by 30 seconds off. 2 rounds of full 60/30 second exercise to transition rest ratio. 1 additional burnout round of 45/15 second exercise to transition rest ratio.

X1: Merkins
X2: Squats
X3: Parker Peter
X4: Burpees
X5: Leg Raises
X6: Renegade Rows
X8: Crab Cakes
X9: Buzzsaw Planks
X10: Bobby Hurleys

Notes: Tatanka made it a point to call out the lack of cleanliness in the public parking garage and the lack of air circulation; hoping Q would audible and move elsewhere. Aye! Noted, considered, denied. It isn't F3 if it doesn't make you tougher right? Q also spent precious energy repeating each exercise for our resident chatter box! What's the jaw muscle exercise again - Exicon defines it as 'The Tatanka!'

Mosey back to Shovel Flag


- Prayers for all of Texas and those impacted by Harvey
- All kidding aside, great to have Tatanka pushing this group hard - rest up brother - smartsack if needed and roll in ready to push the PAX! #HIM #ISI
- Great seeing Flo from F3Alpha! #DRP #HIM
- Survivor coming a long way from his FNG day! Keep it rolling #strongereveryday #getsarterit #noexcuses
- FlowerChild and Stalker don't miss a beat.
- F3Orlando 1 year anniversary 9/30/2017
- Tatanka Q at The Square
- Flower Child Q at LoneSailor
- Stalker/PTA CoQ at ChainLocker