F3 Orlando





Lone Sailor,  8/31/201

QIC: Flower Child

PAX: Tatanka, Inspector Gadget, Stalker, Row Boat, Survivor, Greyhound, Flower Child

Ding, Ding, Ding, Let’s get ready to rumble! 

The weekday warrior momentum continues to grow as we were 7 PAXs strong today. Tatanka came out of hibernation to join us today along with the ever so steady Gadget and his nemesis Stalker (LOL. All in fun). Greyhound and Row Boat were amazing participants today. Huge props to Survivor, who continues to take one beat down after another and just won’t quit. He's a huge inspiration to us all and a constant reminder of why we do this. With that being said, the workout today included kettle bells. We all left this morning with a peaceful mind set and stronger bodies. 

The Thang:

Quick Disclaimer

  • Mosey to the Lone Sailor.
  • COP: Light Stretching, 20x LBAC.
  • Exercise OYO: Kettlebell Squat x20. One Arm Row x20 (each arm). One Arm Press x 20 (each arm). Triceps Lats x20. Hip Halo x 20 (each direction). Between the legs pass x20. Squat Press x20 (each arm). Curls x20. American Hammers x 20 (each side), Water Sprinkler x20 (in cadence).
  • Mosey to the Bridge.
  • Exercise: 11’s. x1 Kettle Bell Squats (mosey over the bridge) x10 Side Straddle Hops.
  • Mosey to the Lone Sailor.
  • Exercise OYO: Arm Swings x20 (each arm), Overhead Kettle Bell Lifts x20, 8 count Merkins.
  • Mosey to the starting point.
  • Buzz Saw (1 minute).
  • Counterama (7 Pax) and Namerama.
  • CoT followed by BoM.


Great work to all that joined today. Iron Sharpens Iron.

Good men working together turns into great men as a result.

Until Next Time!!!! 


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