F3 Orlando




Small Snake in My Garden…..again.

The Roost

Date: 9/19/2017

QIC: Flower Child

PAX: Greyhound, Olaf, Flower Child

Great day to do a little gardening in my concrete flower bed at The Roost also known as the Parking Garage. To my surprise, I saw another SNAKE!!!!! Not a big one like I saw at the Lone Sailor, but a SNAKE nonetheless. 2 brave PAXs came to help me catch it. Geo keeping that STRONG ARMY STANDARD!!!!!! And Olaf (Jaime) visiting from Atlanta!!!!!!! 

The Thang:

Quick Disclaimer

  • Mosey to the parking garage.
  • COP: 20x Imperial Walker, 20x Slow Low Squats.
  • Chase the SNAKE!!!!! 1st station- Jack Webs, Lung Walk to Station 2.
  • Station 2- 100x LBC’s. Bear Crawl to Station 3.
  • Station 3- 50x Big Boy Sit Ups . Lung Walk to Station 4.
  • Station 4- 100x LBAC Backwards. Bear Crawl to Station 5.
  • Station 5- 100x LBAC Frontwards. Lung Walk to Station 6.
  • Station 6- 50x American Hammers. Bears Crawl to Station 7.
  • Station 7- 100x Flutter Kicks. Lung Walk to Station 8.
  • Station 8- 100x Merkins. Bear Crawl 20 yards. Mosey to the wall back to Station 8. Rinse and repeat backwards. 10x each station to modify.   
  • Mosey to the starting point.
  • Light Stretching (2 minutes).
  • Counterama (3 Pax) and Namerama.
  • CoT followed by BoM.


Great work to all that joined today. Until Next Time!!!!