F3 Orlando




A GROSS ZOMBIE (Really is there any other kind?)

Date: 9/27/17 @ The Square

QIC: Survivor (VQ)

PAX: Luigi, Potter, Quad, Sirtificate, Swift

The Thang

- Disclaimer

- COP / quick Warm up: LBAC forwards x 20 IC, LBAC backwards x 20 IC, SSH x 25 IC

- The Gross - 12 x 12 exercises (and Plank, Al Gore, or Dolly til 6 is in) with Zombie Walks thrown in for good measure

- Intro: Zombie Walk (lunges) across The Square and back

1.  Burpees OYO/Plank

2.  Squats OYO/Al Gore

3.  LBCs OYO/Dolly

4.  Ranger Merkins OYO/Plank

5.  Howling Monkeys

6.  Reverse Crunches OYO/Dolly

- Intermission: Zombie Walk across Square

7.  Werkins OYO/Plank

8.  Sumo Squats OYO/Al Gore

9.  Pretzel Crunches OYO/Dolly

10. Merkins OYO/Plank

11. Bobby Hurleys OYO/Al Gore

12. Weezy Jeffersons OYO/Dolly

- Finale: Zombie Walk across Square

YHC was prepared for a few Minutes of Mary. Unfortunately, there were 20 minutes left. Time to scramble.

- Move to the fountain: 10 Step ups each leg, 20 Dips

- Move to the street for some curb work: Butkus for 1 minute, Herb Alpert for 1 minute

- Back to the Square for some round robin Mary - each PAX offered up an exercise to close out the session.

- Counterama (6 PAX) and Name-O-Rama

- COT followed by BOM


Great workout!

May add another workout at The Square, more to come.