F3 Orlando




Two Shweatty Pax At Founder's Square


Q- El Beetle & Greyhound

PAX – El Beetle & Greyhound



25 SSH

25 Imperial Walkers

Neck rotations

Arm Rotations

The Thang:

Run 1 lap around the lake

Run around the lake another lap, this time stoping at each corner doing burpess in 5x increments.

1st  stop: 5x burpees

2nd stop: 10x burpees

3rd stop: 15x burpees

4th stop: 20x burpees

Return to Founder's Square and do lunges changing into bear crawls at each corner.

LAP # 1

1st stop: LBC’s x 40

2nd stop: Scissor Kicks x 40

3rd stop: BB sit-ups x 40

4th stop: Mary mixed with Leg Raises x 40

LAP # 2

Lateral runs around the square stopping at each corner

1st stop: Air Squats x10

2nd stop: Calf Raises x 10

3rd stop: Step Ups x 10

4th stop: Mountain Climbers  x 10



Happy 4th!!