F3 Orlando





Monday Nov 27, 2017 @ The Sqaure


Pax- Quad, Greyhound, WOPR, Sirtificate, Swift

30 SSH

Little Baby Arms Cicles Forward

Little Baby Arms Cicles Backward

X’s and O’s

Carolina Dry Docks

The Thang:

Mosey to Stage

Smurf Jacks- Side straddle hop performed in the squat position. Can be done in cadence or OYO.

Perform 5 Side-Straddle Hops in cadence, then drop and do 2 Burpees.

Once you are finished with Burpees, continue Side-Straddle Hops in cadence. Set of 25

Dirty Mac Deuce-

4 sets of 3 exercises done to 12 4-count reps.

12 Merkins, 12 WW2 sit ups, 12 Imperial Walkers

After each set of three exercises, you run a lap around park

Bear Crawl Ring of Fire

Combines exercises we have all come to love/hate. Circle up around shovel flag. Begin by bear crawling around in circle until Q says stop. Upon stopping, first Pax completes 10 merkins while other Pax plank, then next pax in line completes 10 merkins while other pax plank. Keep going around until all pax have completed the 10 merkins. Round 2 is diamond Merkins, Wide merkins

Mosey back to square.



Wed Nov 22 @ The Square
Q: Swift
PAX: Special Guest: Krispy Kreme from South Carolina, Tatanka, Sirtificate, Potter, Greyhound, Quad, Rowboat, W.O.P.R., Bojangles
- [ ] Yoga warm up
- [ ] Bobby Hurley
- [ ] Aiken legs -20 squats 20 lunges 20 step ups al gore until six is in
- [ ] 15 Ballerinas toe squats- tip toe then deep squat and then back to tip toe
- [ ] 5x Dan Taylor - 1:4 squats:lunges
- [ ] ABC’s (abs)
- [ ] Protractor (abs)
- [ ] PAX does Peoples Chair while one person goes up and down stairs and then tags the next in
- [ ] 30x air press
- [ ] 20 Wide arm Merkins
- [ ] 10 Diamond Merkins
- [ ] 20 Dips in cadence
- [ ] 20 mountain climbers
- [ ] 1 minute plank
- [ ] Countarama
- [ ] Namerama
- [ ] PAX went through and each said what they were thankful for in the Ball of Man

Special mention to Bojangles for his impromptu introduction of hot air to wake us all up.


Date: 11/16/17 @ The Lone Sailor

QIC: Survivor

PAX: Rowboat, Survivor

It was chilly (for FL) at The Lone Sailor when I parked next to Rowboat at 5:25. After a little chitchat we quickly decided who would have the honor to Q this fine morning.

Started moseying to the fountain and Rowboat mumbled a quick disclaimer for himself.

Warm Up:

-       LBAC (F & B) followed by  SSHs


Mosey toward the bridge but stopped halfway there to start our leg and ab - “lab” - workout at the Y split on the path for the first of our 11s…Squats & LBCs.

Next mosey to the bridge for another set of 11s…Bobby Hurleys & Hillbillies.

Next, mosey on to the Lone Sailor for, you guessed it, 11s…American Hammer & Imperial Walkers.

Mosey back to our starting point for some quality Mary time (10 minutes)

-       Box cutters

Note: Tatanka showed up. 🚴🏻

-       Air Presses

-       Flutter kicks

-       Heel touches

-       Howling Monkeys

And the Rowboat did a burpee for fun.

COT, Counterama, Name-O-Rama, BOM & Prayers

Survivor Out.

Wed Nov 15 at the Square  5:15 am.  

Q:  Quad

Pax:  Quad, Sirtificate, Wopper, Swift, Luigi, Potter, Bo Jangles, Rowboat, and FNG Wilson.  

It was a cool dark morning as 9 pax gathered in the streetlight lit Square, where someone had placed a huge 20 foot Christmas tree there.  

We started with a slowsey around the lake to warm up.  Next came some OYO:

10 Merkins

15 Dips

20 Lunges total

Next we bear crawled the length of the block,  1 parking space, 1 burpee, 2 parking spaces, 2 burpees, ...till 6 and 6 ended right at the corner.  

Instead of crawling back, we lunge walked, stopping every 4 parking spaces to do 5 merkins.  This also ended right at the corner.  

Back to the Square for some 11's:  Merkins 10, LBC's 1, Merkins 9, LBC's 2....till done.

Last, Bruce Lee Ab work:  20 each, LBC, Freddie Mercury, Flutter kick, American Hammer.  Three rounds.  

Bam, Countarama, Namearama, New FNG name, Announcements, Ball of Man

Off to work everybody!  


Monday Nov 13th at The Square

PAX: Sirtificate, Bojangles, Swift, WOPR, Survivor, Quad


10 Burpees

25 SSH

10 Split jacks

10 Bobby Hurleys

Aiken Legs:

Aiken Legs -Done in succession with no rest — 20 Squats, 20 Box Jumps, 20 Lunges (10 each leg), 20 Split Jacks (10 each leg forward).

Black Jack :

Find 2 lines parking lot.   Perform 1 Merkin – run to 2nd crosswalk line  – perform 20 LBCs. Run back and do 2 Merkins. Run back for 19 LBCs. Repeat until you do 20 Merkins and 1 LBC, running between the lines. Always adds up to 21 – BLACK JACK! 

Johnny Cash:

Any combination of Ring of Fire exercises. Circle up on your 6 for ab exercises. PAX hold plank/six while one man does reps of exercise. When he finishes the next man does reps until all in circle have done it. “It burns, burns, burns, that Ring of Fire”  (20 flutters, 20 LBCs, 20 American Hammers) 


The Roost, 10/31/2017

QIC: Flower Child

PAX: Survivor, Flower Child

We did the Pentagon of Pain. Named by Survivor

The Thang: (In the words of Inspector Gadget!!!!!!)

-Quick Disclaimer

Great Q! 4 (erm 5) Corner Ladder descend -10 rounds at 5 exercises - smoked.

In all we completed:

  • 1st corner (some crazy Flower Child merkin special) followed by 55 incline Merkins and 55 Merkins (Creature Merkins)
  • 2nd corner 55 squats
  • 3rd corner 55 Burpees
  • 4th corner 55 crab cakes
  • 5th corner 55 bomb jacks. Instead of Bomb Jacks, we did 55 Imperial Walkers.                           

This was a beat down!

-Mosey to the starting point.

-Counterama (2 Pax) and Namerama.

-CoT followed by BoM.


Great work today.

Until Next Time!!!! 



Date: 10/24/17 @ The Roost

QIC: Survivor

PAX: Survivor

YHC arrived at the Roost only to find out he was flying solo today…no wingman or shovel flag. No problem, I got this.

After a quick Disclaimer and some grumbling from the PAX that they will modify as much as they want, I got started.

Warm Up

-       LBAC (F & B)

-       Cotton Pickers


Mosey to the Stage by Cranes Roost Park


COP (1 PAX is a really small circle)

Stairs x 10 flights (up & down)

Dips x 25

Mosey to Cranes Roost Park and grabbed a bench for Lazy (Lonely) Dora 1-2-3

10 sets of:

-       10 inclined merkins

-       20 Squats

-       30 LBCs

Slowsey to starting point for some special time with Mary (8 minutes)

-       Flutter kicks x 60

-       Protractor (1 min)

-       Imperial Walkers and Hillbillies (a lot)

-       Air Presses x 100

-       Plank it out (90 seconds)






Survivor Out.


The Square / Wed 18 Oct
QIC:  Swift  
Pax: Quad,Sirtificate, Greyhound, Luigi, Splinter (Visiting from Toledo, Ohio F3), FNG-Function, FNG-Echo, W.O.P.R.

Two newcomers and a visitor were off to a great start this morning as they joined 6 regulars for a long fun run around the square.


Warm Up:
*  Lap around square
* Air Chair (combined with air claps in cadence)
* Chinook Squats - over head arm circles and squat in cadence
* Mosey to the Stage
* Black Snake (3 laps)
* Modified B.O.M.B.S- Group Cumulative 300 Squats, 300 lunges while partner runs around Stage
* 3 Griffs- Sprint forward, sprint halfway backwards
* Diamond Merkins AMRAP
* Count-o-rama
* Name-o-rama

Big welcome our FNGs 'Function' & 'Echo' and to our visitor from Toledo, Ohio 'Splinter'.

Houston, is there a problem?

Date: 10/12/17 @ The Lone Sailor

QIC: Survivor

PAX: Rowboat, Survivor

Rowboat was on time (at least 5 minutes early) when YHC arrived at the AO at ~5:25a. However neither of us has a shovel flag (doh!). We wait on Fire & Ice, who’s about to relo from F3Houston, who Rowboat believes will show up…and wait…and got started without the fart-sacker as it was time.

After a quick discussion, YHC is Q for his 2nd time (good thing I planned ahead - aka crammed the night before).


Warm Up

-       LBAC forwards x 15 IC

-       LBAC backwards x 16 IC (oops, YHC was distracted looking for F&I)

-       SSH x 30 IC

-       Squats x 30 OYO


Mosey to pavilion by The Lone Sailor

COP (2 PAX really can't make a circle)

Dora 1-2-3 (partner up…partner 1 starts exercise while partner 2 runs lap around pavilion and playground then swap)

-       100 merkins

-       200 LBCs

-       300 squats

Move to The Lone Sailor for 11s

-       Bobby Hurleys at bottom of ramp & Imperial Walkers with Lone Sailor

Slowsey to starting point for remaining time (~10 minutes) with Mary

-       Reverse Crunches x 30 OYO

-       Weezy Jeffersons at Q command

-       4-count Boxcutters x 10 IC

-       American Hammers x 40 OYO

-       Hillbillies x 40 OYO

-       Air Presses x 40 OYO

COT (once again, 2 make a line)

Counterama (2PAX)



Prayers (Rowboat)

-       Tatanka’s upcoming knee surgery

-       Gadget’s hammy

-       People still recovering from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria

-       People in California dealing with fires

Post Workout: It was good to find out that Fire & Ice wasn’t fart-sacking, he just had to take the M to the airport. #priorities

YHC Out.